User Fee Increase as of October 1st 2017


As you are no doubt aware, the Ontario Government is about to increase the minimum wage in the province from $11.40 per hour to 11.60 in October this year and $14.00 in January 2018.  In addition, new benefits including Minimum paid holidays, sick days will be added and a $15.00 minimum in 2019.  The Personnel and Finance Committees of the ALC have studied the effect of these changes on the operations here at the Active Lifestyle Centre.  After discussing alternative measures, the Board of Directors has passed the following motion – That the daily user fee will be increased from the present $2.00 to $2.50 effective October 1st, 2017


This was not an easy decision for Board members, however, after seeing the resulting effect of the increases in minimum wages and benefits on our financial situation, it was felt that this was the only feasible decision.

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