Maple City Centre for older adults was established in 1970 in a store front facility on Queen Street in Chatham, Ontario.  The organization was developed to offer programs and services for the adults of Chatham aged 50 years and older.  The organization quickly experienced growth in numbers and the Centre was moved to the Chatham Cultural Centre where they carried on their programs until 1990.  A decision was made at this time, by the Board of Directors and members to approach the Municipality of Chatham-Kent with recommendations of opening their own facility.  In 1990, with donations of the land and the hydro servicing from John Bradley and Joe O’Neil and the support of the Municipality and the Members, The Maple City Centre on Merritt Avenue became a reality.  The organization continued to grow and again in 2013 an expansion was needed to accommodate the (pre-pandemic) 1500 members.  The Maple City Centre is now operating and known as the Active Lifestyle Centre (ALC).  Our facility is nestled at the end of Merritt Avenue in Chatham on the banks of the Thames River.  At it’s peek, the ALC offered approximately 60 different programs, services and activities.  In 2020 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary. If you are interested in the ALC, please stop in for a tour and meet our friendly active members and Staff.


Mary McDonell is one of the original founders who at age 96 assisted at the centre 4 days a week on the reception desk until she recently retired.  We miss her happy greetings!

Whether you play Bridge, Pepper or Euchre, there is always others waiting to sit down and have a card game with you.  There are also groups to join like Scrabble or Cribbage.  The Investment Club will give you some great tips on how to handle your finances or join the Computer or Tablet class to help you with your electronic skills.

The ALC has a great Billiards room that contains three pool tables, one large one for Snooker.  Come in and join our Shuffleboard or Carpet Bowling members.   Do you have that streak of gambling? Then BINGO is your game.

If you are into the Arts or are artistically inclined, the ALC offers a variety of art programs.  We also have a fully equipped Wood Shop to satisfy your creative side and there is a qualified instructor available to guide you along the way.    We pride ourselves on our beautiful homemade greeting cards.  Members will do made-to-order cards or you can choose from a wide variety of pre-made cards.  You can now order from the on-line store.

As you walk down the halls of our centre you will unmistakably hear the sound of music echoing throughout the ALC from the rhythmic sounds of Tap dancers, Cloggers, Kikettes, belly dancers and Line dancers all dancing to their favorite tunes to keep fit while having a lot of fun.  If you are a little more adventurous then join in on our Burlesque and Belly dance classes to get your groove on the fun way.  Our Drumming class is a huge favorite and is such a soothing sound heard throughout the centre.

Our centre has a wide variety of Yoga classes…something for everyone.  For those who have a difficult time laying down or standing, Chair Yoga is suitable.  We also have traditional Yoga, Hatha Yoga, NIA Dance and Gentle Yoga and for those muscle workouts, Essentrics is a great class.

The ALC has one of the largest Fitness Programs for our members and has literally grown in leaps and bounds and caters to many fitness levels.  If you like to boogie to great music and get a super full body workout, classes such as Body Motion Fitness, Cardio Walkfit and Low Impact for Everyone (L.I.F.E) or ZUMBA workouts will suit your goal and style.  For those wanting to work their muscles and get in the best body condition for them, we have Weights and Cardio, Banding Together and Circuit Training which combines muscle toning with aerobic exercises, the best of both worlds.  Try the Tai Chi or Hoop and Stability Ball classes for some variety in your fitness routine.

The Active Lifestyle Centre is well known for their Specialty classes such as: Exercise Elevation, Bone and Joint, Exercise or COPD and MS classes.

The Active Lifestyle Centre is very fortunate to have the support of over 200 qualified Volunteers to assist with the day to day functions or teach and lead the vast array of classes that are offered at our Centre.  Without their caring personalities and sharing of their valuable talents the Active Lifestyle Centre would not be as successful as it has become.


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