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The daily user fee will be $3.00, evening user fee $4.00 and a non-member user fee is $5.00.Foot care services are available by appointment. Call (519) 352-5633 for more information

See the new and changing program schedule below. Please note the hours are subject to change!

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November Schedule

Monday Daytime Programs

Billiards 9am-9pm
Woodshop- Ladies Only9am-4pm
Fitness Gym9am-9pm
Circuit Class- Rooms 1 &2 9am-10am
Sewing -Room 59am-12pm
Weights & Cardio - Full Gym10am-11am
Beginner - Tai - Chai - Room 4 -Sign up for next session!11am-12pm
Beginner Line Dance- Room 4 - Sign up Required!12pm-1pm
Pepper - Room 312pm- 3pm
Sewing, Knitting & Crochet - Room 5 12pm-3pm
Beginner Ukulele- Room 4 - Sign Up Required!1pm-2pm
Bingo - Room 1/21pm-3pm
Yoga with Maryanne - Room 42:00pm-3:00pm

Tuesday Daytime Programs

Wood Shop-Open9:00am-4:00pm
Fitness Room 9:00am-4:00pm
Chair Zumba with Amy- Room 1/2 9am-10am
Bridge Lessons with Judy - Room 5 - SIGN UP REQUIRED9:30am-11:30am
Chair Exercise with Peggy - Room 1&2 10am-11am
Learn to Clogg - Room 410am-11:30am
Essentrics - Rm 1/211am-12pm
Advanced Line Dance with Judy- Not for beginners - Rm 4 11:30am-1:00pm
Carpet Bowling - Room 1 & 212:30pm-3:00pm
Relaxed Rubber Bridge-#512:30pm-3pm
Beginner Line Dance - Room 4 - Sign up Required1:00-2:00pm
Mahjong - Board Room - Sign up Required1pm-4pm
Rummoli- Room 31pm-3pm

Tuesday Night Program

Rhythm of The Night Dance Studio - Please call 519-351-7789 for Sign Up Details 6pm-9pm

Wednesday Daytime Programs

Billiard Room9am-4pm
Wood Shop-Open9am-4pm
Fitness Room9am-4pm
Zumba with Amy- Room 1,2,39am-10am
Djembe Drumming - Room 4 9:30am-11am
Exercise with Steve- Room 510am-11am
Shuffleboard - Room 1/2 10am-1pm
Advanced Clogging - Room 4 - Not for beginners 11am-12:30pm
Art with John- Room 512pm-3pm
Chair Yoga with Bob- Room 1&21pm-2pm
Ukelele- Room 41:15pm-2:45pm
Euchre- Room 31pm-4pm
Computer Class with Bidhi- Cafe - Call to Sign Up2pm-3pm
Exercise with Steve - Room 1/23pm-4pm

Wednesday Evening Program - Evening User Fee Applies

Ladies Woodworking Program - Back Office- SIGN UP REQUIRED4pm-6:30pm
ALC Evening Pepper- Room 3 5:30pm-8:30pm
Line Dance with Janey- Room 1/2- Please call 519-351-1757 for details and pricing6:00pm-9:00pm

Thursday Daytime Programs

Fitness Room9am-9pm
Floor Yoga with Maryann - Room 49am-10am
Art with Bev- Room 5- Sign Up Required9am-11am
Bridge Lesson with Keith- Room 39am-12pm
Tablet Class with Wes- Cafe- Sign Up Required10am-11am
Beginner Tap- Room 410am-11am
Essentrics- Room 1 & 210am-11am
Advanced Tap - Room 4 - NOT FOR BEGINNERS11am-12pm
Weights & Cardio - Room 1 & 2 11am-12pm
Sing for Fun! Room 412:30-2pm
Hand & Foot Card Game- Room 312pm-3pm
Cribbage- Room 312pm-3pm

Thursday Night Programs

Evening Zumba with Pam- Room 1,2,35:30pm-6:30pm

Friday Day Time Schedule

Fitness Room9am-9pm
Zumba with Pam- Room 1,2,39am-10am
Advanced Line Dance - Room 4 - NOT FOR BEGINNERS9am-10am
Greeting Cards-Room 59am-3pm
Advanced Kickettes - Room 4- NOT FOR BEGINNERS10am-11am
Yoga with Rosanne - Rm 1&210am-11am
Chair Exercise with Peggy - Rm 1 & 211am-12pm
Pepper-Room 412pm-3pm

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