Virtual Exercise Classes

Please view below a range and variety of exercise classes designed for you to stay safe and healthy in the comfort of your own home.  If you are beginning to exercise you may want to consult your doctor.  Also watch your health and exercise along to your own personal restrictions.  Stay hydrated and have fun.

Active Lifestyle Centre Fitness Videos

30 Minute Cardio + Weights Exercise for Adults 50+
15 Minute Aerobics Exercise with Amy
Breathing Exercises for Relieving Anxiety and Stress

At Home Seniors Fitness with Steve Bottrill

Easy balance exercise for seniors
Chair exercise with a step for seniors
Gentle chair stretch and warm up
Core and balance exercise standing
Easy core exercise in a chair for seniors
Gentle Circuit Training in Chair | At-Home Senior Fitness
Gentle Circuit Training For Seniors | At-Home Senior Fitness
Easy Exercises for Strengthening and Stretching Back
Gentle standing aerobics workout for seniors part 2
Gentle exercise using the chair
Light Cardio Exercise for Seniors - Using Blankets + Pillow
Senior Follow Along Exercise Class - With Broom!
Fun balance exercise for seniors
Gentle standing exercises with weights
Easy chair exercise with towels
Easy Chair Exercise with Weights
Chair Exercise for Seniors
Gentle Standing Aerobics Workout - For Seniors
Slow Moving Chair Yoga - Part 1
Slow Moving Chair Yoga - Part 2

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